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  Brain-computer Interfaces
The ability to control a computer using only the power of the mind is closer than one might think. Brain-computer interfaces, where computers can read and interpret signals directly from the brain, have already achieved clinical success in allowing quadriplegics, those suffering “locked-in syndrome” or people who have had a stroke to move their own wheelchairs or even drink coffee from a cup by controlling the action of a robotic arm with their brain waves. In addition,
direct brain implants have helped restore partial vision to people who have lost their sight.
Recent research has focused on the possibility of using brain-computer interfaces to connect different brains together directly. Researchers at Duke University last year reported successfully connecting the brains of two mice over the Internet (into what was termed a “brain net”) where mice in different countries were able to cooperate to perform simple tasks to generate a reward. Also in 2013, scientists at Harvard University reported that they were able to establish a functional link between the brains interface. Other research projects have focused on manipulating or directly implanting memories from a computer into the brain. In mid-2013.
  An MS-DOS Joke  
A master was explaining the nature of Tao to one of his novices. "The Tao is embodied in all software--regardless of how insignificant," said the master.

"Is the Tao in the Unix command line?" asked the novice.
   Think Twice Before Installing Any Google Chrome Extension
Before you install a Chrome extension, make sure you check it thoroughly. TechRaga reported that some Chrome extensions may without your permission track your browsing habits, send data to remote servers and manipulate contents of a web page. And the Google Chrome Team purposely avoid intervening.  
Quote of the day
   Cloud n Grid Computing
In this article, I talk about cloud computing service types and the similarities and differences between cloud and grid computing. I look at why cloud computing may be advantageous over grid computing, what issues to consider in both, and some security concerns. I use Amazon Web Services as an example.  
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   Emerging Technology – RedTacton
RedTacton is a technology that bridges the last networking gap, creating the HAN – Human Area Network, connecting the last meter. It works by utilizing the electric field on the surface of the human body to transmit data between a RedTacton receiver and other devices. Data can be transmitted up to 10 mbps.  
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