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Principal's Message
“Over centuries, industries world over have gone through life cycle typical to any production industry or company. There is always upswing, maturity state and saturation point where in lot more innovative efforts are required for rejuvenation.

Academic institutions play a critical role in the society, first  by preparing the students for successful & productive  careers, & secondly by providing them with broad education that will enrich their lives & enhance their contributions to the civic life of our communities. Students today require active participation in the learning process rather than passive  absorption of content delivery.

We, at Oxford continually strive to develop curriculum to bring the latest advances in pedagogy to our class rooms through additional value added programmes / workshops / and seminars of national and international level. Assess outcome & start the cycle again to maximize the fulfillment of our students potential, so that our young managers are enabled to have holistic approach and take the challenges confidently.

I extend a warm welcome to those students who wish to be a part of all exciting opportunities that await you in our college to touch new heights in your life.

Dr. Tapal Dulababu
Professor of Commerce & Management

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