Eligibility for Admission

Application Form


TEI Attendance Report
  • Inauguration of Classes.
  • Seminars and tests.
  • Preparatory Examination.
  • Commencement of I Semester University Examination.
  • Inter Semester Break
  • Commencement of II Semester Classes.
  • Workshop on teaching skills.
  • Video lessons.
  • Simulated lessons with integration of skills.
  • Workshop on lesson designing.
  • Simulated lesson with ICT Modulation.
  • Seminars and practical Activities.
  • Field visits.
  • Preparatory Examination
  • Commencement of II Semester University Examination.
  • Inter Semester Break
  • Community living Camp.
  • Commencement of III Semester class
  • School internship.
  • Workshop on preparation and administration of achievement test.
  • Criticism lesson.
  • Preparatory Examination.
  • Commencement of III Semester University Examination.
  • Inter Semester Break.
  • Educational Tour.
  • Practical Examination
  • Preparatory Examination
  • Shikshak Deeksha day
  • Commencement of IV Semester University Examination.

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