Eligibility for Amission

Application Form

Admission Procedure


Subject of study
The B.Ed Degree Course (semester system) shall consist the following theory and practicum parts. Practicum I&II shown in first and second semesters include practice in teaching CCM-I and CCM-II and other related assignments as per the scheme of examination shown below.

Methods of Teaching
The following content cum methods of teaching school subjects shall be provided in the college :

  1. English & History and Civics
  2. Kannada & History and Civics
  3. Physics & Mathematics
  4. Biological Sciences & Chemistry
  5. English / Kannada & Geography
  6. Geography & History and Civics
A Student-teacher must have 80% of attendance in each semester in all theory papers and practicum. Attendance shortage to the extent of 5% can be condoned by the university on the recommendation of the concerned Principal of the college charging with a penalty of Rs. 300/- per subject in the case of theory papers and Rs. 300/- in the case of shortage of attendance to the extent of 5% in teaching practice.

Submission of Records

A Student- teacher must submit all Assignments I and II to qualify himself/herself for appearing 2nd semester examination. Those who do not submit are not eligible to take-up examinations.
Submission of assignments, appearing for class-tests and participation in practical activities such as Micro-teaching, Communication skills, Seminars, Workshops conducted by the college in respect of core-papers, CCM papers, participation in Community Living Camp ,. Educational tour and Field trips are compulsory. Those who fail to do so are not eligible for appearing I and II semester examinations.

Teaching Practice

Every student-teacher shall prepare 12+1 lesson plans in each C.C.M. of teaching which are to be guided and approved by the concerned method master. The marks of best 5 lessons could be taken for awarding marks to practice in teaching.

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