Equipments & Materials

Speciality Clinics: Speciality clinics are intended to give a better and immediate  care for patients who suffer severe pain and to those who require a different treatment than regular OP patients
Various speciality clinics in our dept include.

  • Orofacial pain clinic
  • TMD Clinic
  • Treatment of premalignant disorders
  • Laser clinic
  •  Orofacial pain clinic: conditions like neuralgias, atypical facial pain and other chronic pain diagnosis and management is done in this clinic by the postgraduate students under the guidance of staff.  On an average of 20 to 40 cases/ month are diagnosed and treated in our clinic.
  • TMD Clinic: Intracapsular and extra capsular TMJ disorders are treated in the dept on regular basis with unique treatments modalities like dry needling and jaw manipulation by trained post graduates under the guidance of faculty.
  • Clinic for  Premalignant disorder(PMds) :Patients with PMDS are councilled by trained faculty and postgraduates for habit cessation,management and regular follow up.On an average 100-125 cases are screened and treated.

Laser Clinic: Well equipped with a diode laser, used for management of various oral mucosal conditions like PMDs,Oral Ulcers ,reactive lesions etc