Post Graduate Section

Admission per year - 06

The postgraduate clinic has 20 fully functional dental chairs with the ground area of 2538 sq ft. The daily schedule of a post graduate student starts with a previously decided presentation topic. This is followed by a detailed clinical evaluation of the patient with necessary records which is reconfirmed by competent faculty members, after which there is a detailed discussion of the case among the staff and students.

Apart from clinical evaluation procedures, appropriate treatment is rendered to the patients. The postgraduates are trained in rendering symptomatic and specific treatments for various oral diseases. 

Apart from clinical evaluation procedures, appropriate treatment is rendered to patients. The students are also trained in diagnostic procedures like:

  1. Obtaining biopsy specimen
  2. FNACs
  3. Toludine Blue staining
There are specific days allotted for seminars and journal presentations where students are trained in the art of presentations, which enhances the confidence level. This also helps the students to gain an in depth knowledge of the subject.Pateint seeking speciality consultation are evaluated thoroughly in all respects made aware of the disease, followed by an appropriate treatment plan and thorough follow up. The patients are counseled about their disease. A complete rehabilitation programme is worked out and implemented for individual patients.


Post Graduate Teachning Progamme

Examination of patients: Shall be performed during the first, second, and third year of the degree course.
Recording of special cases: Shall be done during the first, second and third year of the degree course.
I Year:
  • Toluidine staining.
  • FNAC.
  • BIOPSY-Observe, assist and perform under supervision.
  • Intraoral Radiograph-Perform and interpret.
II Year:
  • Dental treatment to medically compromised patients-observe, assist, and perform under supervision.
  • Extra-oral radiograph, Digital radiography-observe, assist and perform under supervision.
  • IM and IV injections.
  • Administer Oxygen and life saving drugs to patients.
  • Perform basic CPR and certification by Red cross.
  • Perform and interpret sialograms.
III Year:
  • All the above shall be performed individually.
Participate in:
  • Chair side discussions: shall be held everyday.
  • Interdepartmental meetings: shall be held atleast once a month (last Saturday of every month 1pm-3pm)
  • Undergraduate teaching programme: Each student shall teach two topics to undergraduate under staff guidance.
  • Seminars shall be held thrice a week.
  • Journal club shall be held every week.
  • Symposium and workshops: shall be attended every year.
  • Conferences: shall be attended every year.
  • Paper presentations: shall be done at least once a year.
Pstgraduates shall be posted for a period of one month to the following departments in various hospitals (9am-12pm)
I Year:
  • Oral pathology.
  • Dermatology.
  • ENT.
II Year:
  • Oncology.
  • General Radiology.
Field visits: Shall be conducted once in three months.
Submission of library dissertation and thesis.