Undergraduate (BDS) program
The College offers undergraduate (BDS) program with yearly intake of 100 students. The curriculum involves:

  • Human Oral and Dental Anatomy, Embryology, Physiology and Oral Histology.
  • Oral Pathology and Microbiology.

Details of UG clinic
The 1st year programme deals with an introduction to gross and microscopic features of various oral tissues including teeth and a detailed study of dental anatomy, which involves an exhaustive practical programme of carving of teeth in wax with the aim of developing dexterity & knowledge of tooth morphology, which would help them in restorative dentistry.

The 3rd year programme deals with understanding developing anomalies, pathological lesions of oral cavity and forensic odontology. This will be a foundation for the student to practice clinical dentistry.

The 3000 sqft undergraduate lab consists of 20 tables and 116 chairs accommodating the 100 undergraduates for carving classes and for focussing of the oral histology and oral pathology microscopic slides. The study material also includes numerous charts, models, tooth specimens and casts related to tooth morphology, embryology, oral histology and oral pathology