Postgraduate MDS Program in Periodontology

  1. The goal of Periodontology post graduate program is to provide advanced education in Periodontology to churn out highly qualified specialist who are interested in a career of specialized practice, teaching and research.
  2. The Post Graduate training programme is of three years duration starting with the training of the post graduate students in non-surgical periodontal therapy and minor surgical procedures followed by treatment of patients with surgical periodontal therapy with a special emphasis on various regenerative techniques.
  3. The students are guided in Implant placement and advanced implant surgical techniques, use of piezo, electrosurgery, cryosurgery and lasers.
  4. Regular seminars and journal club reviews, debates, electronic based learning and Problem based learning are part of the postgraduate training programme.
  5. The students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and present scientific papers and posters.
  6.  The post graduate students are also required to submit a library and main dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the M.D.S requirements.
  7. The department also carries out various awareness programmes in collaboration with public health dentistry. Oral hygiene day is celebrated yearly on the 1st of August to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.G.B.Shankwalkar.
  8. March 20th of every year is commemorated as 'World Oral health day'.