Student Enrichment Programs

Mentor Program

Our college has a mentor interaction system where the students from first year to final year will be guided in academic way. All the problems, progression and attendance of the students will be monitored.

Parents teachers meetings

Parent’s teachers meetings are conducted every 3 months and the wards problems are discussed to solve the problems if any.


Both students and parents can give their valuable feedback which will be gone through and necessary steps will be taken regarding the same.

Anti ragging

An anti ragging committee is formed to provide a ragging free campus in our college. The members of the committee have rotten rounds and surprise visits to ensure a ragging free campus. 


The college has excellent faculty to take class and provide individual attention to the students for them to excel in their academics.


A unique counselling both for students and patient is provided in our college.

Student counselling: Students are counselled by in house counsellor who is available to the students, both UGs and PGs on selected days which will be mentioned formerly to the students.

Patient education and counselling: this will help in improving the patients dental attitude and patient and student interaction leading to a better treatment outcome.

Internship programmes

There are special course offered for interns to improve their skills so they can meet the demands in this competitive world of dentistry.

Patient management is taught to its excellence for dealing special cases under an experienced faculty guidance.

The interns are inspired to take up research works; hospital management; medical bridge courses by experts in the field.