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Under Graduate Programs  
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Vision and Mission of the Department:

“To meet the educational and research needs of the student community and staff through collaboration with other academic and technical institutions, industry and government agencies and make the students to face problems of the country an society as a whole”.

"The department aims to develop and train competent Electrical and Electronics engineers who upgrade their knowledge continuously and to develop innovative solution and to communicate effectively and mould them into good citizens by inculcating sense of ethical and moral values in them”.


  • Graduates are prepared to be engaged in learning, understanding of their field of study and applying new ideas.
  • Graduates are prepared to have sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and electrical engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze   practical problems in electrical industry and to prepare them for further studies and research.
  • Function effectively as individuals, team members in the workplace and in project management and leadership roles.
  • Have an awareness of the life-long learning, how to communicate effectively; introduce them to professional ethics and code of professional practice.

Program Outcomes:

  • Electrical Engineering Program helps the students to attain the following outcomes:
  • An ability to master in the concepts of science, engineering and electrical and electronics engineering in particular and also to apply the knowledge acquired in creating good projects and solutions to problems faced by the industry.
  • An ability to analyze, design and innovate products, solutions for day to day problems.
  • An ability to design, implement and evaluate Electrical machines, generation, transmission and utilization of electrical energy to meet desired needs with constraint related to economic, environment, social, health and safety.
  • An ability to apply research based knowledge and methods in designing/analyzing complex problems.
  • A good knowledge about simulation and design on various packages relevant to their specialization like MATLAB, PSPICE, MiPower, ECAD etc. and also to apply them in relevant designs.
  •  An ability to design and develop specialized instrumentation required for monitoring the health of the machines, distribution system,etc
  • An ability to find solutions related to problems created by usage of technology.
  • An ability to understand ethical, legal and professional, social issues in Electrical Engineering Practice.
  • An ability to work on a team with good understanding and also to lead a team
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • To manage both people and finance information.
  • Recognition of the need for self-learning and ability to engage in life -long learning.

Workshop Conducted:

  • Two day workshop on “HANDS ON ROBOTICS” was conducted by GRESL team- in Association with ISTE Students Chapter on 20th and 21st October 2014 for B.E VI and IV Semester students.
  • Object Tracking Robots using Image Processing -  National Workshop conducted on 12th – 13th March 2015

Guest Lectures Conducted:

  • Automotive Sensors in Embedded Systems – BY Shamin Dude, Bosch 0n 14/3/2005
  • Introduction to R – Software – By Prema.V, Asst.Prof, RVCE, Bangalore on 10/2/2015

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