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Co-Curricular Aspects

S.No CLUBS Month Activities
1 HR Club-Power Brains Feb’16 Creativity Assignment
2 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights Presentations in current marketing areas
3 Finance  Analysis of various Money market instruments; Understanding Stock market & IPO
4 Case study Induction classes for Case study club
5 Movie Club Orientation to students and guidelines for the club
6 HR Club-Power Brains March’16 Debate on latest HR trends
7 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights Marketing Quiz
8 Finance Study on availability of finances for business development  and growth
9 Case study Group formation
10 Movie club Discussion on the criteria for the movies to be selected
11 HR Club-Power Brains April’16 Presentation on Company profile and industry analysis.
12 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights Performance evaluation of marketing firms
13 Finance A study of Investment Opportunities for individuals and business.
14 Case study Case Study competition conducted
15 Movie club Competition among the groups formed.

S.No CLUBS Month Activities
1 HR Club-Power Brains Oct’16
  • Conduction of Orientation for 1stsem students.Ice breaking.
  • On 5th Oct’16- for 3rdsem-RolePlay workshop on  End to end process of Recruitment and selection of few positions
2 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights Product launch
3 Finance Conduction of Orientation for 1st sem students.
4 Case study Conduction of Orientation for 1stsem students.
5 Movie Club Conduction of Orientation for 1st sem students.
6 HR Club-Power Brains Nov’16 On 9th Nov’16- RolePlay workshop on  End to end process of Recruitment and selection of few positions
7 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights
  • Case  Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage of
  • How Volvo changed the way Indians Travel?
8 Finance Quiz
9 Case study Casestudy orientation to 1st sem students
10 Movie club Quiz on Management n Movie Phenomenon
11 HR Club-Power Brains Dec’16
  • Create something new-New product for unmet needs.
  • Presentations on the new idea generation for a concept or product.
12 Marketing Club-Kotler’s Knights
  • Employee role in service designing to close GAP 3
  • Customers role in service delivery and strategies for enhancing customers role in service delivery
  • Physical evidence in service
  • Contribution and reasons for growth of services
  • GAP model of service
13 Finance Debate on Demonetisation and its effects
14 Case study Caselet analysis
15 Movie club Presentation on management and movie confluence A study of impact.


Power Brains, the HR club, gives the young, dynamic, managers in the making, a chance to showcase their proficiency and to prove their competence. HR is the true depiction of the vizier, the medieval title, for the high ranking political advisor or minister to the Persian empire’s monarch and who acts as his deputy.
Power Brains, The HR club, gives our students opportunities to showcase their zeal that drives the human intellect to evolve in a challenging environment and realize the immense potential that they possess in team building, decision making, and facing challenges under stressful situations.

Objectives of the club:

  • To develop students competencies towards better employability.
  • To bring out multi talents among students in various aspects of analytics, thinking and creativity.
  • To nurture their talents in the areas of visionary leaders, team building and dynamic management professionals.
  • To improve their softskills & values among the young dynamic minds.
  • To identify the toppers in every subject and groom them towards excellence in achieving the ranks.

Activities @HR club:

S.No Name of the Activity Target students
1 Aptitude Test-psychometric test Inter-club
2 Collage Competition Inter-club
3 Face an Interview Inter-club
4 Paper presentation/ Research writing Inter-club
5 Quiz Competition Inter-club
6 Debate Competition Inter-club
7 Company Profiling  
8 Best HR Manager contest-Personality, Stress mgt, Role play Inter-club
9 TAT / perception test Inter-club
10 Group Discussion activity Inter-club
11 Latest Trends in Notice Board Inter-club
12 Launch a innovative HR practice Inter

Kotler’s Knights, the Marketing club is started with the purpose of enhancing the knowledge base of students in  various areas of Marketing viz-a-viz  brand management,  consumer behaviour, service marketing, retailing, advertising, rural marketing etc. the club aims at promoting students in learning the practical components thereby infusing in them the necessary communication skills and analytical skills to make them more suitable for current market environment.

Objectives of the club:

  • To provide a medium for the interaction of all those interested in marketing.
  • To enrich the students with a combination of theoretical and practical components on the various areas in marketing to compete with global standards.
  • To identify the inner talents of students and improve their communication skills, presentation and analytical skills.
  • To organize and conduct in-house activities for improving the domain knowledge and skills of the students in various areas of marketing.

Activities @Marketing club:

Sl.No Name of the Activity Target students
1 Marketing Quiz competition Inter-club
2 Extempore / Ice breakers Inter-club
3 Case study presentation/ Research writing Inter-club
4 Marketing Mentorship Marketing club students
5 Marketing plan for Product Launch Inter-club
6 Business Plan Inter-club
7 Group Visits Marketing club students
8 Mad Ads Inter-club
9 Mad Art Inter-club
10 Articles   Marketing club students

Wall Street Warriors, the Finance club, gives the young & dynamic, finance professionals in the making, a chance to showcase their knowledge skills and proficiency to prove their competence and leverage various opportunities. Wall Street Warriors, the Finance club, gives our students opportunities to showcase their zeal that drives the human intellect to evolve in a challenging environment and realize the immense potential that they possess in decision making & analysis to optimize the available resources and face the challenges of finance world to get the best returns from the financial market in a given economic condition.

Objectives of the club:

  • To develop understanding of stock market operations.
  • To provide a platform to showcase their financial analysis capabilities.
  • To impart knowledge of financial market.
  • To provide a platform for discussion and exchange of financial know-how.
  • To develop soft skills of the students.

The objective of case study club is to improve a learning experience, because they get the learner involved, and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.

Case studies are a form of problem-based learning, where you present a situation that needs a resolution. A typical business case study is a detailed account, or story, of what happened in a particular company, industry, or project over a set period of time.
Case studies are stories. They present realistic, complex, and contextually rich situations and often involve a dilemma, conflict, or problem that one or more of the characters in the case must negotiate.

A good case study, according to Professor Paul Lawrence is

 “the vehicle by which a chunk of reality is brought into the classroom to be worked over by the class and the instructor. A good case keeps the class discussion grounded upon some of the stubborn facts that must be faced in real life situations.”

Although they have been used most extensively in the teaching of medicine, law and business, case studies can be an effective teaching tool in Management studies.  As an instructional strategy, case studies have a number of virtues. They “bridge the gap between theory and practice and between the academy and the workplace”.  They also give students practice identifying the parameters of a problem, recognizing and articulating positions, evaluating courses of action, and arguing different points of view.

50 students of MBA Dept have enrolled for the case study club and 12 students have participated in the case study competition conducted on 20.04.15. Three best cases were awarded.

Winners of the Case study competition that was held on 20th April 2015

  • First Prize: Ankita, Naif and Pankaj
  • Second Prize: Sowmya Shree
  • Third Prize: Sandya D J


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