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Best Practices @MBA Dept

Best Practices @ MBA dept

  • The Departments of  MBA, CSE and Mathematics organized  a five day Faculty Development Program on  “Mathematics and Statistical Tools for Research  Scholars”, from 16th to 20th June 2015 , Dr. Sarit Kumar, A. Sahana and  P Chandrika Reddy  were the resource persons from MBA department.
  • Personal growth sessions were conducted to all TOCE students as a part of Student Counselling. This would help the students to progress in their professional as well as personal life. These sessions started from 01.02.16 to 28.04.16 and happened in the respective classrooms of all the Engineering, M.Tech, MBA and MCA departments.
  • On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Yoga Program was organized by Dr.BalaKoteswari, faculty, Department of Management Studies on 21.06.16 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Faculty members and staff of the college participated actively in the program.
  • Pre- Placement Training for III MBA :Pre-placement training for III sem MBA Students was held by Seventh Sense from  24thAugust 2016 to 29th August 2016. The training was conducted in a highly professional way and found beneficial for the students.   


  • Power Brains, the HR club, gives the young, dynamic, managers in the making, a chance to showcase their proficiency and to prove their competence. HR is the true depiction of the vizier, the medieval title, for the high ranking political advisor or minister to the Persian empire’s monarch and who acts as his deputy.


  • The purpose of the Marketing Club “Kotler’s Knights” is to gather the resources of students, faculty, alumni, friends and corporate to educate students  in the field of  marketing, to enhance their knowledge  and to help the build their careers. Marketing is the only function of an organisation that generates cash inflows and profit for any organisation.
  • The objective of the club is to enhance the knowledge base of students in the various areas of marketing – brand management, product launch, business development, general management, entrepreneurship; to help them build a strong foundation/ background of knowledge to facilitate their career growth.


  • Wall Street Warriors, the Finance club, gives the young & dynamic, finance professionals in the making, a chance to showcase their knowledge skills and proficiency to prove their competence and leverage various opportunities. Wall Street Warriors, the Finance club, gives our students opportunities to showcase their zeal that drives the human intellect to evolve in a challenging environment and realize the immense potential that they possess in decision making & analysis to optimize the available resources and face the challenges of finance world to get the best returns from the financial market in a given economic condition.


  • The objective of case study club is to improve a learning experience, because they get the learner involved, and encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.
  • Case studies are a form of problem-based learning, where you present a situation that needs a resolution. A typical business case study is a detailed account, or story, of what happened in a particular company, industry, or project over a set period of time.
  • Case studies are stories. They present realistic, complex, and contextually rich situations and often involve a dilemma, conflict, or problem that one or more of the characters in the case must negotiate.

A business model is the narrative of how your business works. Simply put, it describes whom you sell to and how you make a profit. Each new venture will rely on a specific business model to take new products and services to a market. To extract value from an innovation, a start-up (or any firm for that matter) needs an appropriate business model. Business models convert new technology to economic value.

Objectives of Business Models

  • Challenge and reframe old business models by understanding current market drivers and how they weaken or strengthen specific parts of a business architecture.
  • Understand the business architecture of any venture, and specifically what added value is created to specific customers’ segments, how revenues are generated, how the cost structure is dealt with, what the key resources and competencies involved are, etc.
  • Coordinate various business approaches (strategy, marketing, finance, and innovation, HR) to develop, sustain and enhance competitive business models.
  • As entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, design new added values fitting specific visions and markets, while being also able to set it up as a concrete, real-life activity.

Usefulness to Real Life

  • Startups, SMEs, multinationals, and NGOs specificities
  • B2B, B2C, C2C and B2G perspectives
  • Understanding your ecosystem life-cycle
  • Forecasting and risk management
  • The key phases of business development
  • Early-stage business prototyping
  • Scaling up a business and bridging the gap
  • Mixing strategies and sustaining innovation.

BIODIVERSITY: International summit
International summit on restoration of Biodiversity through biomimicry and design intervention. The summit will be a 7 days, interactive event, conclusion of various initiatives launched from June 2015 onwards in different segments.

  • To conceptualise and design an "URBAN SQUARE", an open space within the city limits, which can be implemented in an existing city park belonging to either to the municipality or any civil regulatory authority. Facilities to the Urban Square will be open to urban families for non digital recreation and to connect to nature. 

Eligibility of the participants of the workshop:

  • There  are 332 colleges  affiliated to Council of Architecture. It is desirable to have one candidate from each such colleges except Bangalore. About 100 students can participate from Bangalore colleges. The participants can belong to any  semester.
  • Total enrolment can be of 400 participants.


The objective of the event was to bring awareness among the children about cleanliness, and educating the students how to keep clean themselves, their homes, their school, and their environment.

The event of swach bharat abhiyan was organised by MBA students of The Oxford College of Engineering as part of NSS activity on 26th of November 2014.
The event organised at:

  • Begur Government high school, Begur road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore. Timings: 10:00am to 12:00pm high school.
  • Begur Government primary school, Begur road, Bommanahalli, Bangalore. Timing: 1:00am to   3:00pm primary school.

The event started by a presentation, animated shows and street plays regarding the cleanliness, effects of unhygienic practices and cleanliness practices.

The event was followed by cleaning the campus and encouraging the students to participate in the cleaning the campus and it helped the NSS volunteers to teach the students practically how to keep the campus clean.

Chocolates were distributed to children as a token of appreciation.

NSS Volunteers with Principal, Director, HOD and Faculties

NSS Volunteers with NSS Coordinator and Faculties

Educating the Students about the need of Swachh Bharat

Street Play conducted on behalf of Cleanliness Awareness

Cleaning the School Campus

Cleaning the Campus

Cleaning the Campus

Cleaning the School Campus

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