The Oxford College of Engineering
10th Milestone, Bommanahalli, Hosur Road, Bangalore - 560 068
Post Graduate Programs - MBA Degree Program  

The prime objective of our MBA Programme is to impart education and training to students in various disciplines of management, to foster the development of cognitive, affective and attitudinal skills among the student community.
  • To develop conceptual, analytical and interpersonal skills among the students that will help foster the development of essential attitudes necessary for becoming competent managers.
  • To nurture the students to achieve academic excellence through systematic plan of activities that includes student centric learning.
  •  Encouraging value based education among students through proper guidance and mentoring that will help them to develop as good professionals.
  • To promote the entrepreneurial capability among the student community.
  • Augmenting the employability skills of our students by providing soft skills development programmes

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