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The Department of MBA in association with BMA Bangalore organised a one day National level Seminar on the topic, ‘Business Sustainability ‘, on  28th of Oct’14.  The Chief Guest, for the event was Mr. Shankar Murthy –Legislative Council Chairman. A Book titled, ‘Business Sustainability’ was also released by the chief guest on the occasion. Mr. Sampath Raman –FKCCI President was the speaker for the first session on Perception of Business Sustainability; second speaker Mr. D. Muralidharan- Director SNAM Abrasive, Bangalore spoke on Business Sustainability –Indian Perspective; Dr. S. Nagendra, Chairman- Workshop Committee of BMA spoke on Business Sustainability for Educational Institutions; and Dr. Ravi Kumar addressed on the topic Business Sustainability and Economy.

Business decisions often need etch in more than one functional area of the organisations. This leads to a better understanding of the inclusive development of the organisation and the country. This also allows people with different ideas, perspectives and expertise to voice their ideas and find creative and innovative solutions to the problems which organisations are experiencing. However, combining all these voices in one cross- functional team brings its own challenges, requiring specialized set of managerial knowledge and strategic skills.

This Symposium on Cross Functional Diffusion was for students, academicians and corporate. Participants were enriched with new trends adopted by the corporate and best practices which were shared by the eminent speaker and it benefitted the participants.

Chief Guest: Hon. Asif Iqbal, Consul General (South), Republic of Suriname

Speakers of Technical Session 1:
1. Mr. Vivin Agarwal, Program Commissioner, Indo-Suriname Chamber of Commerce
2. Mr. Nandkishore Rathi, Director, Asia-pacific, LORATIS

Speakers of  Technical Session 2:
1. Mr. Murthy Bhamidi, Technological Director, HCL
2. Mr. Tanveer, CEO, Event Management Company

Speakers of  Technical Session 3:
1. Mr. Sourish Ghosh, Consultant, Talk Temple, Transformational Coach
2. Mr. Radhakrishna, Architect, Alcatel Lucent Ltd, SigChair, CIS A2K, Wikimedia Foundation

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