To produce a civilized society of students , and to Impart in them the basic knowledge of science , a well equipped science laboratory is provided at the disposal of the students
Subject Wise Activities (CCA):
These activities help the students to improve their learning abilities such as communicative skills and self confidence ,leadership qualities and overcome stage fear.

Students narrate stories, recite the poems and enact the plays

The concept of ‘KALI –NALI’ introduces our students to identify alphabets,speak about freedom fighters and Jnana peetha awardees of our state.

Each class will be given a different topic like enacting, story telling recitation and picture recognition to perform.


To learn the fundamental operations of the basic concepts of math like identifying even and odd numbers,arranging the numbers in ascending and descending order, integers,place and place value, children exhibit their talent through the models and flash cards.


Learning by doing  concept is followed by students making the topic more informative.


Students perform skits depicting the Indian culture, make models about the monuments which helps them to show their artistic skills.

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