To produce a civilized society of students , and to Impart in them the basic knowledge of science , a well equipped science laboratory is provided at the disposal of the students

Inauguration of co-curricular activities for the year 2016-17 by the Head mistress and staff.

Talents day : Children exhibiting their different talents.

Planting of saplings on world environment day

Oath taking of the selected leaders to shoulder the responsibilities of the school for a better future.

Independence day celebrations

Kannada Rajyothsava celebrations

Childrens’ day celebrations

Our school won III prize in senior group dance conducted by DHIE.

Class-I-Fancy dress competition

Class-II-Colouring competition

Class -III-Origami

Class-IV-Clay modeling

Subject wise CCA competitions



Sarakki cluster level sports competition
Winners in girls kho-kho

Winners in boys kho-kho

Girls won I place in relay

Boys won I place in relay

Winners in boys kabaddi

Winners in girls kabaddi

Winners in girls Throw ball

Winners in boys Throw ball

Winner of athletics running race : Karthik.V  of VII A

Winner of short put event
Sanju B S of VII B

Power point presentation by teachers


The Oxford English Higher Primary  School has been participating in NIE Programme hosted by ’the leading newspaper, ‘The  Deccan Herald . The students’ edition of this newspaper is dedicated to educate and develop the children holistically. It promotes literacy and encourages social awareness. Participation by the students in various NIE competitions like  Quiz competition, Spell Bee, narrating short stories , dance and  painting competition were  encouraged.

The Scout and Guide movement is basically the youth movement. The programmes have been designed with amendments for the allround development of the personality of the youth.



YOGA helps to focus on the present. Regular yoga practice improves co-ordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ scores.

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