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Departments - Cardio- Respiratory Physical Therapy

This Section serves for the patient affected with respiratory problems whom need Bronchial hygiene, Airway clearance , Secretions removal and patients posted for cardio-Thoracic surgery and other surgeries to minimize the Chest complications using Manual and Independent Chest PT techniques.


  • Mr. C.Dinesh M.P.T – Associate Professor
    Mrs. Anita Clara Pinto – Lecturer


  • Fitness Lab
  • Power Lung
  • Spirometer
  • Tilting Table
  • Heart rate Monitor
  • By-cycle Ergo meter
  • Relaxation Therapy

Training resources

  • PFT
  • General chest evaluation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation


  • Donna Frownfelter - Principles & Practice of Cardiopulmonary P.T
  • Pryor & Prasad - Physiotherapy for Respiratory & Cardiac Problems for Adults and Pediatrics

Journal Holdings:

  • American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine
  • European Respiratory Journal

Academic activities:
Topics dealt by Faculties

  • Anatomy and physiology of cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.
  • Biomechanics of respiration.
  • Intrauterine development of cardiopulmonary system and difference between the adult and pediatric cardiopulmonary system.
  • Epidemiology, Symptomatology and pathophysiology of the cardio-respiratory disorders.
  • Clinical assessment, rationale of laboratory investigations and differential diagnosis,
  • Evaluation of respiratory dysfunctions, lung function tests – volumetric, analysis of blood gases, X-ray chest.
  • Evaluation cardiac dysfunction. [ECG, exercise ECG testing, Holter monitoring etc., Echo-cardiogram, X-Ray, Imaging techniques etc.]
  • Evaluation of peripheral vascular disorders: clinical, blood flow studies, temperature plethysmography. A.N.S dysfunction testing.
  • Risk factors and preventive measures in cardio respiratory conditions
  • Cardio-respiratory emergencies and management principles – medication, critical care, indications of surgical intervention, stabilization of vital functions defibrillation.

Power point presentation

  • ABG analysis
  • Spirometry
  • Chest x-rays
  • Diagnosis of CAD
  • PFT
  • General chest evaluation
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Chest physiotherapy in icu
  • Exercise prescription for diabetis mellitus,obesity and hypertension

Seminars Topics allotted to PG Elective students

  • COPD
  • Biomechanics of respiration
  • Biomechanics of circulation
  • Biomechanics of thoracic spine
  • Cardiac patients transfer techniques
  • Hypertension
  • Oxygen therapy
  • CPR

Field visits-

  • To communities to create awareness on cardio respiratory problems and symptom identification
  • To schools to screen pollution related problems
  • It companies to screen obesity and preventive measure

Research Activities
Current research Projects: A study to find the Chest physiotherapy techniques Administration in Various centers – Chetana Bist

Completed :

Academic Year –2008-09
Sherin Lee Thomas Blood pressure Response to a submaximal exercise testing in normotensive young women with and without parental history of hypertension
Gangadhar Gowtham A comparative study to findout the effects of Postural Drainage with percussion and active cycle of breathing techniques in patients with Chronic bronchitis.

Academic  year 2007-08
Pratibha Prakash To evaluate the blood pressure response in the Three minute Dundee Step Test after 2 weeks of aerobic exercises in mild hypertensives
Dawda Nusrat Ban Daudbhai A study to compare the effect of specific inspiratory muscle training and specific expiratory muscle training on pulmonary function in COPD patients
Sangeeta Lahiri A study to correlate the predictability and body mass index on respiratory function in obese children
Tintu Pappachan A study to analyze the effect of different body positions on maximal expiratory pressure and peak expiratory flow rate in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Academic year  2004-05
Deepa Nayak A comparative study on cardiorespiratory changes in ideal weight and obese population following short bout of exercise Cardiorespiratory disorders and intensive care
V Dhanalakshmi The effectiveness of short duration aerobic exercise in controlling blood pressure and heart rate  in mild hypertensive subjects Cardiorespiratory disorders and intensive care

Academic year 2003-04
Savitha K Effectiveness of diaphragmatic with pursed lip breathing alone in improving pulmonary function in patients with moderate stable COPD Cardiorespiratory disorders and intensive care
GJ Shalini Efficacy of ventilator muscle training on pulmonary function test values in normal healthy individuals Cardiorespiratory disorders and intensive care

Meghalie Borah A comparative study to find out the correlation between heart rate and rate of perceived exersion in sedentary and overweight adults
S.Nithya A study to find out the acute effects of exercises on yperglycemia in long standing Type II diabetes
Arpita Panda Comparative Efficacy of Pursed Lip Breathing with and without incentive Spirometry in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Kamarthi shwetha A study to analyze the effect of aerobic Training on Stress related Blood Pressure and Heart Rate in Working Women
Nuseba Abdul Khader A study to find the Heart RateRecovery following Submaximal exercise Testing as apredictor of Cardio vascular Disease in Healthy sedentary and smoking adults
Mohammed Zohaeb Acomparative study to analyze the effect of Intermittent Bouts of Physical activity sessions on Blood Pressure reduction in over weight andNormal weight Pre- Hypertensive individuals

Courses conducted: Regular Training Programs are conducted on Recent Physiotherapy Methods of Treatment.

  1. Workshop on PNF Respiration
  2. Workshop on Chest PT in ICU

Clinical Training:
Students are posted for Clinical training in

  1. Narayana Hrudayala
  2. Fortis Hospital
  3. Victoria Hospital

Number of people trained
The Department of Cardio-Respiratory Physical Therapy has trained  undergraduate and Masters students good results were obtained.

Average pass percentage of the Department: 90-100%

Physiotherapists have come for training from premier institutes and have been working in

  1. KIMS – Bangalore
  2. Faculty in St Johns College
  3. Calcutta
  4. Abroad

Other Facilities:

  1. The department trains therapists with emphasize on On Evidence Based Practice and Clinical Reasoning..

Specialty of the department:
Regular Classes for Post graduate students with Case presentations during Clinical training, Journal clubs etc.

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