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   • Medical Sciences
   • Engineering Courses
   • Management Studies
   • Arts, Science & Humanities
   • Primary Education
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Programs Offered

  • The Oxford College of Engineering
    B.E., MBA, MCA
  • The Oxford College of Business Management
    M.B.A., B.B.M, B. Com
  • The Oxford College of Hotel Management
    M.T.A., B.H.M.
  • The Oxford College of Science
    M.C.A, M.Sc Microbiology , M.Sc Bio-Technology , M.Sc Bio-chemistry, M.Sc Applied Genetics, B.Sc. PMCs
    B.Sc. EMCs, B.Sc. PME , B.Sc. SMCs, B.C.A
  • The Oxford College of Law
  • The Oxford College of Education
  • The Oxford College of Arts
    B.A. Journalism
  • The Oxford Dental College and Hospital
    M.D.S., B.D.S.
  • The Oxford College of Physiotherapy
    M.P.T., B.P.T.
  • The Oxford College of Pharmacy
    M. Pharma Pharmacognosy, B.Pharma
  • The Oxford College of Nursing
    M.Sc Nursing , B.Sc Nursing, P.C. B.Sc Nursing, Post Certificate (B.Sc Nursing)
  • Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Nursing Science
    B.Sc Nursing
  • Indian College of Nursing
    B.Sc Nursing
  • Indian School of Nursing
  • The Oxford School of Nursing
  • Sri Venkateshwara Institute of Nursing Science
  • Indian College of Nursing
  • The Oxford Institute of Pharmacy
  • The Oxford Polytechnic
    Diploma in Engg.
  • The Oxford Evening Polytechnic
    Diploma in Engg.
  • The Oxford Dental College & Hospital
    Diploma in Dental Mechanics Course, Diploma in Dental Hygienist’s Course, Diploma in X-Ray Technician’s Course, Diploma in Medical Lab Technician’s Course
  • The Oxford Pre-University College

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