The course is designed to provide a basic knowledge and fundamental principles of Science, Commerce and Arts, as a foundation for future streams
Principal's Message
Pre University College
My Dear Students,

Sincerely I do not like a few words like student, teaching profession, and work hard to pass examinations. You have to study but you are not only students you are the next generation of strong, senile, sensitive pillars of the nation and in tern the whole world. We the teachers are not just a part of “Teaching Profession” but are the catalysts to help you build yourselves to be the asset to yourself, your family, your community, your society, your nation and your own world. We are not here to make you what we want but to help you to deepen your insight and not to alter your views as Dr.Radhakrishnan has said.

Success doesn’t have an alternative, neither is it unidimentional. Success for you is not only passing the examination with good marks but to gain knowledge in depth, improve your analytical skills, be a sincere, responsible and a responsive human being. Here is an opportunity for you to prove your coin and shine in everything and excel in whatever you want to do and like to do. We the teachers are here to guide you like a beacon in the ocean. Bon Voyage.
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