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The Oxford School of Architecture revolutionizes since its inception for the development of technical professional  skills and managerial aptitude through innovative and modern teaching methods and values by adopting the latest technology converged over a period of time. It is conducive to the students to become the dynamic leaders of the future. Emphasis has been laid for the conceptual and analytical genesis of teaching and learning methodology. 

The infrastructure provided is of high quality to match the standard and excellence prevalent in the School. Students are prepared to meet the global challenges in the trust and emerging areas for their Global functional exposed to encounter the latest trends in industry and corporate sectors. The students have proven their outstanding abilities discernable from their progression and professional etiquette. The College is in forefront of collaborating the latest educational techniques by blending international flavor for advancement of career prospects, especially to be a good professional. TOSA is instrumental in the collective impact to achieve institutional ambiance for the best out-come of the students through diverse needs by introducing reforms. 

Encouragement is given for research, consultancy services, extension activities, learning resource and students support. The institutional vision has been achieved through multiple strategy development and academic strength in the congenital academic environment.

The faculty have been encouraged to acquire higher and specialized qualifications by deputing them to further studies. Placement activities have been upgraded and strengthen by facilitating the students for their better employability by conducting distinct trainings like personality development, communicative skills, soft skill development, motivation training, exposure to the latest development and innovations in the corporate areas, rigorous selection criteria and so on. At the net shell TOSA  is acclaimed as a centre of academic excellence for technological and Professional studies. 

Dr. S.N.V.L Narasimha Raju
Chairman, The Oxford Educational Institutions