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To create an independent, innovative and educative platform with State of Art facilities for the study of design & built forms through multi-dimensional approaches and to create design professionals who understand the challenges of contemporary world.

To empower future generation by providing opportunities through professional Architectural education to develop their creative abilities, to critically engage the complexities of built and natural environment and to impart knowledge and skills necessary to take leadership roles in changing professions with a spirit of self exploration and creative problem solving.


  1. To have sound foundation in design, structures, materials and construction techniques necessary to formulate, solve and analyze practical problems and to prepare students for further studies and research.
  2.  Ability to communicate ideas through different type of drawings and models, also to work in collaboration with other architects and professionals from different disciplines.
  3. To understand the scope of architecture profession and potential role of architect in influencing the society and improving peoples living standards.
  4. To develop the ability to understand, analyze and apply current & emerging technologies to design and develop solutions to match different site conditions.


  • Exposure to real time architecture problems and hands on experience in designing through  live case studies, site visits ,seminars and workshops.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work in a team, with professional ethics, good communication and documentation skills in designing, construction and management of materials and alternative techniques.