Manangement has provied the following amenities to our institution, Spacious and well ventilated classrooms with all the required equipments, Playground, clean drinking water facility, free mid day meals with nutrient supplements and milk, free textbooks, clean washrooms with proper hygienic conditions.

Further, our management has aided us in providing free education which allows even children from poverty-stricken background to exercise their right to education.

As stated in the above segment the staff and the management have worked continuously for ensuring the overall development of each and every child in all the necessary aspects.

As per department rules provided for the present year:
The classes have been conducted successfully along with 4 formative assessments and 2 summative assessments, along with suitable projects and activities such as models, experiments, etc.

Alongside activities such as essays, quiz, recitation competitions, etc have also been conducted to enhance learning of the students

We have also successfully conducted sports in form of group games and individual games. Students have taken part in sports competitions at cluster, Taluk and district level.

The sport department has conducted yoga, band practices, indoor and outdoor games, mass P. E. T, etc. every year along with sports meet, field events and cultural activities.

We also have clubs like- Language club, Sports club, Cultural club, Consumer club, Science club, Social science club, Eco club.