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Acquiring Education and be coming Educated is the essential quality of a good student."

The Children's Education Society was set up with the aim of providing quality Education and Training to the students who enter the Institution. Under the banner of Children's Education Society. The Oxford Institution was started by Late. Sri .S. Narasa Raju with two Teaching Staff and 14 students in 1974. Now, this Institution has gained Recognition in and around the world with the Aim of providing better Teaching Staff and also to lay basic foundation for Education. The Oxford Teacher's Training Institute was started in the year 1985-86. It has been permanently recognized by Government of Karnataka & has gained permanent Recognition by N.C.T.E.

The young Dynamic President of Children's Education Society, Sri.S.N.V.L Narasimha Raju believes that" Education is not mere Bookish knowledge; it is Development of Humanitarian Qualities in an Individual". To provide such Education, The Oxford Institution strives the most. The Institution provides high quality Education and Training to the young aspiring Teacher's and enables them to contribute to the Society with their Best of Abilities. The Oxford Teacher’s Training Institute (D.El.Ed) College is a feather in The Oxford cap and it provides rich experience and Training to the aspiring Teachers,' and prepares them to guide the future student community.

In short we can say that. The Oxford Teacher’s Training Institute (D.El.Ed) College prepares a responsible Teacher who can mould the young minds of children and chanelise their energy in a positive manner, so that To-days children become Good Responsible Citizens of Tomorrow.

Sri. G.V. Venkatesh.
M.A., M.Ed.

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