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The oxford college of education which offers a course leading to Bachelor’s Degree in education has carved a niche of its own in the field of teacher education in southern Bangalore. The college is very well known for its standard, discipline and academic excellence ; and expects certain  traits from the students as well. It is expected that a student of this prestigious Institution must attend all the classes regularly, maintain punctuality, and follow the rules and regulations of the college diligently apart from putting best efforts in studies.

The college, in addition to the prescribed curriculum, has a number of activities beyond curriculum to bring out the hidden potentialities among the prospective teachers.

The college maintains its uniqueness in providing the best facilities and services to make future teachers’ learning more meaningful and effective. We have fully equipped laboratories in psychology, science, English language, educational technology, well stocked library, technically advanced computer center and above all, dedicated and experienced faculty to impart the required skills to enable one to become a model teacher in future.

The main objective of this college is to reach out to the student’s social, emotional and professional problems and to develop a healthy personality so that one can come up well and become successful in his teaching career.

Wishing a very warm and hearty welcome to the portals of our college.

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