The Oxford College of Education, Bangalore embodies the spirit of holistic learning, collectivism and collaboration to create an institution of excellence and core values. It has a striking reputation for producing qualitatively trained teaching professionals. The team of The Oxford College of Education focuses on the development of every teacher trainee intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. They also encourage personal and collective responsibility.

The entire two- year programme was well organized and designed to combine academic teaching with meaningful learning experiences. Pursuing Bachelor’s
Degree in Education from this prestigious institution of learning has been a milestone in my professional life and a significant contributor to the development of my personality. I have established my leadership, time management, self-awareness and team skills to a whole new augment level. I will always be grateful towards the college and the experienced, dedicated and principled academic staffs, especially Dr. Arundathi N. madam, for shaping me into the person that I am today.

I am glad that I have chosen "The Oxford College of Education" for pursuing B.Ed.
Individual attention is being given to each and every student. 
Whatever I have learnt  during my two years course not only helped me to get a good job but is also helping me to do my work efficiently.
Learning in "The Oxford College of Education" is not limited to the syllabus. They believe in nurturing the attitude/behaviour of their students so that they can become a responsible teacher. 

Hi, Avinash Krishna here, 2017-2019 batch student of “the oxford”. After pursuing my, PGDFM thought of entering in to teaching field, but some of my professors suggested me to undergo training and learning various aspects of teaching to build a strong foundation before entering in to teaching profession. Hence, I made a decision of choosing “The Oxford College of Education” to pursue B.Ed, this particular course is very special one in my point of view because it enabled me to exhibit my various hidden talents and learnt various methods and technique in the process of teaching and learning commerce, greater exposure to the field of commerce education, B.Ed course has helped me in analyzing and managing the classroom condition and so on. “The Oxford College of Education” has committed faculty members who train students in systematic way in accomplishment of all aspects of B.Ed syllabus and who also ensure that every individual student is given equal priority and opportunity to become the best teachers in this Noble profession.

Hi, I'm sneha kumari from 2015-17 batch of B. Ed... I would like to write few things about The Oxford College of Education. 

There are two types of students who pursue B. Ed one who always wanted to become a teacher and other who don't have any choice so they come to join this course.

So the first type of students will definitely enjoy studying B. Ed from this college.. Because this is not that type of college which simply provide you certificate. Here you have to indulge in all the activities. The first thing that a teacher need to learn interaction with students and here you will definitely master this skill.. The faculties are very supportive and they really interact well with the students.
Now come to teaching... If you are looking for a college where you really want that teachers should teach you then go for it they will definitely teach you well with the provision of notes which You don't get in other colleges.. I would like to mention the teaching skill of Dr. Arundathi N. madam, for shaping me into the person that I am today. I personally like her teaching style and she has  good command on her subject.. I feel no one can teach psychology the way she teaches.               

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest',  The Oxford College of Education is one the best B.Ed colleges associated with Bangalore University.  It has well-ventilated classrooms and excellent lab, library and computer lab  facilities  are provided to teacher trainees to enrich their knowledge with the modern trends of teaching methods. 

Academics and curriculum are outstanding and unbelievable. Principal and lecturers are highly experienced and put in efforts to provide quality education. They were approachable, helpful, friendly and always tried to make us smile and helped us out during tough times. 

My experience in this institution has helped me today to work in an esteemed school and become a good teacher. Overall it was a great learning experience and one would definitely benefit from the same.

 Writing my review for The Oxford College of Education .
This place completely changed my life . This is where I learnt how to be punctual, do things on time and mainly how important each and every work is . They groom you to become a responsible human being and then a teacher ! From making lesson plans to teaching aids they make sure you are perfect . Perfection is what they look for . I still remember my principal telling me that we should not look at any job as low . Let it be sweeping , mopping , cooking , washing  vessels or keeping your surroundings clean, it is as important as any other job and it is a part of our life . Practice teaching helped us to realise the mistakes we make and finally by the end of it we were perfect teachers ! My sincere thanks to the lecturers and principal for making me who I am today .


When I joined The Oxford College of Education in 2011, I was anxious about my ability to learn all that was required to be a good teacher. But the lecturers at this prestigious institution understood my needs perfectly from day one and honed the skills needed for me to grow into an efficient and change-making educator. Having been provided with hands-on experience of teaching at actual schools in Bangalore, I gained confidence and understanding of the world of education . The faculty understands the student needs very well, and are always ready to help us out with strengthening our weaker areas as student teachers. Although the curriculum designed by the University is meticulous and vast, the college plans out the course in such a way that you don’t feel the extreme pressure which I have often heard other college’s student teachers complaining about. The best part for me was the importance given to not skipping any subject areas and training us diligently into the teachers that we are today. Thank you TOCE!