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Department of Optional English
It is in literature that the concrete outlook of humanity receives its expression."
- Alfred North Whitehead

English is an effective, impressive and expressive language.  The in depth study of English language and literature nourishes the imagination of the students that enables them with an insight into life and also appeals to their intellectual as well as the aesthetic sensibilities.  Moreover, English Language skills, in today’s world, have assumed a significant role in one’s academic and professional career. The present curriculum also lays a great stress on improving Communication skills in English. Hence efforts are being made to provide the best possible and most effective strategies, materials and facilities to our student’s pursuing different courses and streams of study.

Courses Offered:
Journalism. Optional English. Psychology.
The Department of English also handles General English and Additional English for all the courses.
Optional English is a comprehensive study of the entire literary canon from the middle-ages to the present day which acquaints the students with various facets of life through literature. As an integral part of this course, the students also study discourse analysis which enhances their writing skills as well as provides a new dimension to their critical thought process. 
Optional English, as a core subject, is taught throughout the six semesters.
General English and Additional English are taught for the first four semesters.

Job Prospects:
With the growing demand for English globally, an in-depth knowledge of English replete with the literature as well as technical knowledge, provides an edge to the student of Optional English. Equipped with this knowledge, a plethora of avenues, such as academics, freelancing, technical writing, journalism, editing, copy writing and advertising are open to the students.

Activities of the Department: (Add as bullet points with 1-2 sentences elaborating the points)

  • Classroom Teaching: The teaching methods and tools employed for effective learning include traditional classroom teaching, language lab (use of ICT) for grammar and communication skills, workshops involving well-known resource persons for the development of soft skills and a well stocked library.  Learning is further facilitated through interaction, group discussion and presentations, using modern tools like digital boards and computers.
  • Workshops: The department has collaborated with Deccan Herald (2009-2010) for the conduct of workshops for development of soft skills.
  • Well Stocked Library: The college already has the DELNET facility, around 50,000/- hard bound books, 200 hardbound journals and around 1,00,000 online journals catering to the needs of the students. The inclusion of INFLIBNET facility has boosted the access to various international books and journals that are otherwise unaffordable.

Participation of teachers in academic and personal counseling of students
All our teaching faculties are dedicated towards achieving academic excellence. In addition to this they also mentor the students.  However,    formal counseling is done by the counseling cell and by the class teachers on a regular basis.

Details of faculty development programmes conducted and teachers who have   been benefited during the past two years
Our faculty participated in a 2-day leadership development programme in 2008 March. They also participated in a 3-day workshop on “Quality Issues in Higher Education” conducted by The Oxford College of Science between 12 and 14th of March, 2009. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in the national level seminars and conferences.

Participation/contribution of teachers to the academic activities including teaching, consultancy and research
Our entire faculty is engaged in full-time teaching. Besides, the HOD has given academic resource lectures and related talks, both at UG and PG levels. She also supervises the research of M.Phil and Ph.D scholars and published a paper, “Milestones in Life-Writing: Examples from the South” in Dravidian Studies, a quarterly research journal, 2009. She has also published articles in The Indian Pen, School and Deccan Herald.

  • Orientation Programme by Dr T.N Raju, B.E.S college of Education on Effective teaching methodology.
  • A talk on “General Legal Awareness” by Adv. Kumkum Sirpurkar was organised by the College on the 14th of September, 2012.
  • Dr Rajshekharaiah, founder and former Principal of VTU, gave a talk on, ”Good Practices in Classroom teaching”

Achievements of the Department: (Add as bullet points with 1-2 sentences elaborating the points)

  • Three text books in English for B.A., B.Sc., and B.Com., students, “Experience and Express” --- Dr. Sharada Ajit, Dept. of English
  • Milestones in Life Writing: Examples from the South, research paper published in Dravidian Studies, a quarterly research journal --- Dr. Sharada Ajit, Dept. of English

tThe department aids the students through advice, counseling and development of their communication and other soft skills leading to enhancement of their job prospects.

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