About us

The Oxford College of Hotel Management is a leading pioneer College, established in the year 1994. It offers 4 year Bachelor's of Hotel Management program spreading to eight semesters and 2 years Masters of Travel and Tourism Management program spreading to 4 semesters. The institution is accredited by NAAC, affiliated to Bangalore City University & recognized by Government of Karnataka & A.I.C.T.E, New Delhi.

Hospitality and Tourism sectors in India are emerging with approximately 8% and 6% of GDP respectively and are expected to contribute USD 250 Billion to the country's GDP by 2030. In terms of employment, annually tourism generates around 15% of India's total employment and the contribution of Hospitality sector is 8.8% and has great potential for the future.

BHM is a professional course which trains our students to handle various roles in the hospitality industry including hotel management, food and beverage management and event planning. MTTM is an in-depth study of tourism business and management, which helps in professional tourism handling.

The College is currently providing education to an increasing number of students in the hospitality sector. The efforts to invest in resources are admirable because of a dynamic management that is always open to new concepts and dedicated to hospitality and tourist education. The College has chosen to approach education in a dynamic, global, high-quality, creative, and communicative manner within a highly learning atmosphere.

While respecting the college's ideas and ideals, we are reinventing professional development of the future of the hospitality industry through creative instruction, ongoing growth, and possibilities. College provides state-of-the-art training for tomorrow's dynamic leaders in the hospitality sector. The Oxford consistently receives top marks for having a good attitude, excellent communication, good personal hygiene, and business decorum. One of the best private institutions in India is our hotel management college. It places a strong emphasis on intellectual, analytical, and communicative abilities as well as general awareness to meet the demands of the dynamic and demanding global corporate environment. By receiving university rankings, our students have demonstrated their dominance. They have been employed by numerous prestigious hotels, resorts, locations, event management firms, airlines, and travel agencies. Many of our students are currently employed in guest relations with many top businesses. Our collaboration with hospitality recruiters has proved a very great success in training & placements.