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  A major part of the student life on campus revolves around the balance of academics with extra-curricular activities. Sports and Cultural activities have always been an integral part of The Oxford College Of Science.

As it enhances the learning experience by:
  • Providing the student a chance to think out of the box and get creative on their own.
  •  Developing a sense of competitive spirit, cooperation, leadership, diligence, punctuality, team spirit as well.
  • Inculcating leadership qualities and boosting self-confidence.
  •  social interaction, healthy recreation, self-discipline.

The following events are conducted throughout the academic year of the college.

  • Cultural events.
    • Cultural Activities throughout the year
    • Intercollegiate Competitions
    • Founder’s day
    • Teacher’s day celebration
    • Intra-collegiate cultural competition.
    • Inter-Collegiate Competition OXFOIGNITE 2013
  • Academic events
    • Jnanarjana
    • National science day
    • Genesis
    • Bio-constellation
    • Special lectures and workshops.
  • Awareness programme
    • AIDS awareness programme
    • Cancer awareness programme.
  • Sports events
    • Intra-mural basket ball competition
    • Inter departmental sports competition
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