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  Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
The institution has established Internal Quality Assurance Cell IQAC in the year 2011. The IQAC has external members in the committee and the institute has appointed Coordinator for IQAC whose primary responsibility is to convene the meetings with various committees, obtain feedback and frame quality policies accordingly. The several policies framed to ensure quality assurance include:
  • Admission and Administrative policy
  • Teaching, Learning and Evaluation policy
  • Research, Development and Sustenance policy
  • Human Resource and Placement policy
  • Student Welfare policy
  • Up-gradation and procurement policy
  • Inclusive policy
  • Computer usage policy
  • Network policy
  • Consultancy policy.

The said policies have contributed in institutionalizing the quality assurance in the following ways.

  • Up-gradation of infrastructure based on students needs viz, providing adequate number of class rooms, laboratories, spacious library, canteen, sports facility
  • Transparency in purchase of resources
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning
  • Effective recruitment process to ensure quality in teaching
  • Conducive ecosystem for research and sustenance
  • Transparent evaluation system
  • Active, attractive and successful placement service
  •  Efficient and encouraging platform for student expression

In addition, the IQAC has defined objectives that are mentioned below to ensure quality sustenance


  • Evolve efficient, consistent and progressive strategy to achieve excellence in teaching- learning and administrative process
  • Facilitate quality culture through abstracting, designing and executing quality initiatives
  • Provide sustainable mechanisms for continuous self-evaluation and improvement to achieve quality benchmark
  • Ensure participative organizational functioning involving all stakeholders
  • Enable adequate support structure and services for effective dissemination of quality standards

Constitution of IQAC:

Dean Academics
  • Shall supervise all academic activities of the College
  • Reviewing academic calendar
  • Shall oversee lesion plan and time table
  • Feedback and analysis,
  • Academic Audit,
  • Conducting conferences,
  • seminars/guest lectures,
  • Monitoring of co-curricular activities such as – PBL,

Enrichment programs, Industry visits, journal clubs etc.

Dean Administration

  • Correspondence with University and related bodies in administrative matters
  • Disciplinary aspects  for smooth functioning of College
  • Anti-ragging aspects,
  • Course affiliation,  approvals, etc
  • Managing campus management system

Dean Examination

  • Shall co-ordinate with examination superintendent and University coordinator for smooth conducting of exams
  • Respect grievances of students regarding results, mark cards etc with University
  • Conducting internal examination and university exams,
  • Empowered to prepare strategy for orientation for new faculties to train them about invigilation etc,
  • preparation of examination schedule

Dean R&D

  • Shall monitor all R&D activities of the college
  • Scout for various notifications like, research proposals, conferences / seminars, workshops, training programme and communicate the same to all faculty
  • Motivate faculty for paper 
  • Empowered to decide on equipments to be procured for research through grant or through requisition from the HoDs

Dean HR and Placement

  • Empowered to conduct pre-placement activities,
  • Select the service provider for grooming and training programs,
  • Empowered to conduct placement activities with companies that are relevant to the college,
  • Conduct alumni meet and other related activities,
  • Entry-exit interview.


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