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  Student Achievements

Mr. Pravin Patak, M.Sc. Chemistry student has received three Gold Medal in the 48th Annual Convocation held on 18-07-2013. He is First Rank Holder in M.Sc. Chemistry from The Oxford College of Science for the  the Academic year 2011-12

University Rank Holders

Sl.  No. Name of the Student Programme Rank Year
1 Ramya  M.A M.Sc. Biotechnology IV 2002
2 Hema R M.Sc. Biotechnology V 2002
3 Swaha Nandy M.Sc. Microbiology    
4 Nigam Umesh Chandra Mehta MCA III 2008
5 Sonal M.Sc. Biochemistry III 2008
6 Nandhini B BCA III 2008
7 K. Hamsini Satish B.Sc. FAD I 2008
8 Shiuli Paul M.Sc. Applied Genetics II 2009
9 Vyas Aditi Vedpraksh Manju M.Sc. Applied Genetics III 2009
10 Mousumi Mukerjee M.Sc. Applied Genetics IV 2009
11 Naimishaben Bhogilal Mehta M.Sc. Applied Genetics V 2009
12 Dakshayani MCA I 2010
13 Pragya Jain B.Sc. FAD IV 2010
14 Gowrang More M.Sc. Biochemistry I 2011
15 Rahul Kumar M.Sc. Biochemistry III 2011
16 Stuti Kapoor MCA V 2011
17 Praveen Pathak M.Sc. Chemistry I 2012
18 Aakanksha M.Sc. Biochemistry V 2012
19 Mohammad Riyaz Akhter M.Sc. Genetics IV 2012

Rank Holders
Department of Biochemistry

 III  RANK  2008
Gowrang More
I Rank 2011
Rahul Kumar
III Rank 2011
V RANK 2012
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