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and 12(B)

Name Qualification Publications and presentations Work experience Achievements

Dr Bharathi.S
Professor & Head
M.Sc., Ph.D 12 A Food Microbiologists, who has worked on Predictive modelling of Microorganisms in Food, has been in teaching since 12 years. Invited as Keynote speaker in an International Conference at Cairo

Reviews  text books for various publishers since 2007

Active member of Board of Studies and Examination in various universities

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D) NET 10 Mentoring post graduate students for excellence in the field of academics from past 10 years  

Assistant Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil., 2 From the background of Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology, has a rich teaching experience in Molecular Biology, Immunology & Medical Microbiology  

Deepthi Varier
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. - Essentially having a research experience in the field of agricultural microbiology, with an academic experience of 3 years. Trained in Mushroom Production Technology

Asha Ninan
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. 4 Started her career as a Microbiologist in the clinical field, holding a degree in Clinical research and data management, ventured into teaching since 2008.  

Dr. Pramod T
Associate Professor
M.Sc., PhD         15 Worked in the area of Industrial Microbiology on Organic acids and involved in academics for the past 7 years Guided students for M.Phil and M.Sc Projects.Reviewer for peer reviewed journals.

Vienna Dorothy Fernandes
M.Sc.   5

Worked as Asst Co-ordinator  for AIDS Awareness Education Red cross Society.

Member of BOE for Mangalore University & St.Aloysius College.

Guided Students for Minor Projects in Star College Scheme,DBT.

Guided Students for the Honours            Programme in St.Agnes College.

Arkajit Ganguly
Assistant Professor
M.Sc.,(PhD). Presentations: 2 Teaching experience :10 Years  

Assistant Professor
MSc Nil 08 Months Nil

Manasa Y
Assistant Professor
M.Sc Microbiology Nil Started Career as a school teacher, holding a certificate degree in Bioinformatics, having research experience  in the field of Environmental microbiology Nil


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