Departments - Community Based Rehabilitation

Department of Community Physiotherapy caters to the needs of the society by providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation services to the local and adopted communities


  • Mr. R. Parthiban
  • Ms. Sangeetha
  • Ms. Pinky

The department is well equipped with transport facilities and community development resources like Patient educational pamphlets and pamphlet designing softwares.


1 O’Sullivan, Susan B &Schmitz, Thomas J Physical Rehabilitation: Assessment & Treatment
2 Krusen, Frank Handbook of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
3 Janardhan, K Topics on Prosthetics & Orthotics
6 Ralph M Bosch Physical Medicine Rehabilitation
7 Joel A Delisa Rehabilitation Medicine
9 Sunder Textbook of Rehabilitation
10 Martin G Issac Practical Guide to Trauma Management
11 Lewis, Carole Aging Health Care Challenge
12 Sunder, S Lecture Notes on Rehabilitation Medicine
13 Charles, Schuch P Management in Rehabilitation
14 Park, K Park’s Textbook of Preventive & Social Medicine
15 Ramachandran, L Health Education: A New Approach

Academic activities:
Students are trained in

  • WHO’s policies – rural / tertiary health care concept.
  • Role of family members in rehabilitation
  • CBR team and their role
  • Planning and management of CBR programmes

Technical Skills are imparted to the students in the following areas

S.No. Topics
1. Modification of assistive devices for differently abled patients.
2. Survey techniques.
3. Interview method.
4. Donning & doffing Orthosis.
5. Prosthetic checkouts

Community Training
These training are provided through various field visits directly with the college and Through Mobility India which is a premier NGO in Bangalore.

S.No. Field Visits
1. Bommanhalli
2. Hongasandra
3. Koodal gate
4. Garvabhavipalaya
5. Parapana agrahara
6. Anaikal
7. Thaverikara
8. Hennur
9. Bannerghatta
10. Jigini village

Current Research Activities:

  1. Evaluation of Fitness Standards of School Childrens in Bangalore

Research Works

  1. Health Related Quality Of Life Of Spastic Diplegic Children – A Qualitative Study
  2. Influence Of Caregiver Support For Activities Of Daily Living Of Stroke Patients And Their Recovery
  3. Physical Fitness differences between Government and Private Schools

Achievements and Placements:

Around 183 undergraduate and 5 Post graduates have been trained in the field and have successfully completed the program.

Students trained at The Oxford are working as Physiotherapist with various NGO’s like Mobility India.