Department of Neuro and Paediatric Physiotherapy

This department caters to understanding, evaluation and training of patients who have suffered from neurological disorders such as Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disorders, Parkinsonism, Bells palsy and the like .


  • Mr. R. Vasanthan P.T. Professor
  • Ms. Divya
  • Ms. Rajna

Digital camera used for photo and Video recording

Patient Videos

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Stroke
  • Cerebellar Ataxia
  • Parkinson and
  • Movement Disorders

Training resources

  • Movement Therapy Videos
  • Movement Analysis Software


  • Traumatic Brain Injury for Physical Therapists
  • Neurological rehabilitation

Journal Holdings: Soft Copy

  • Journal of Neurological Physical therapy
  • Clinical rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy- APTA
  • Disability and Rehabilitation
  • Stroke
  • Spine

Academic activities:
Students are trained in the following departments

  • Physiotherapy in Neurological conditions
  • Advanced Physiotherapy in neurological and Psychosomatic Disorders
  • Analysis of Normal Movement and differences between Pathological and Normal movement of Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Movement Disorders, Parkinsons and others


Courses conducted: Regular Training Programs are conducted on Recent Physiotherapy Methods of Treatment.

  1. Workshop on Motor Relearning Program
  2. Task Oriented Physiotherapy for Stroke
  3. Vestibular Rehabilitation

Clinical Training:

Students are posted for Clinical training in NIMHANS, St. Martha’s Hospital, Mobility India, RECOUP, Parkinson’s Disease Society


  1. Number of people trained The Department of Movement Science and Neurology has trained 180 undergraduate and Masters students
  2. Number Appeared: 28
  3. Number Cleared: 28
  4. Average pass percentage of the Department: 90-100%


Physiotherapists have come for training from premier institutes and have been working in

  1. NIMHANS, Bangalore
  2. 2KIMS, Hospital, Bangalore
  3. Indian Athletic Association
  4. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
  5. Abroad
  6. Nepal
  7. Gulf

Other Facilities:

  1. The department trains therapists in movement dysfunction analysis by organizing regular training and On demand training program with hands on video Analysis
  2. Trains people for Conducting Cochrane Reviews.

Specialty of the department

  1. Research Students are trained in Quantitaive and Qualitative Research
  2. The department caters to evaluation and treatment of variety of patients with Musculo skeletal Disorders
  3. The Department conducts Regular training Program and Workshops on Manual Therapy and Pain Science.
  4. The Sports department has tie up with Sports Science Centre, Bangalore
  5. The students are trained in scientific evaluation of sports people with advanced equipments such as VO2 analyser, Isokinetics, Postural Analysis, Video Motion analysis and the like.
  6. ClinicalTraining
  7. Students are posted for clinical training in Sanjay Gandhi Hospital and Sparsh Hospital.

Journal Holdings: Soft Copy

  1. Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy
  2. Clinical rehabilitation
  3. Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapeutics
  4. Physical Therapy- APTA
  5. Disability and Rehabilitation