Department of Public Health Dentistry


Undergraduate Education in Public Health Dentistry For Dental Students

  1. Undergraduate program in Public Health Dentistry is designed to enable the qualifying dental surgeon to diagnose and treat dental problems by comprehensive care in a community setting.
  2. This program provides an in-depth knowledge about the planning and evaluating public health programs like school oral health programs and village programs.
  3. Clinical practice is not limited to understand dental diseases at patient level but also at a population level.
  4. The undergraduate training programme commences in the 3rd year with lectures and practical exercises and continues to fourth year.
  5. Learning process will be assessed by periodic discussion and internal assessment tests are conducted regularly to assess the students.
  6. University examination in the subject is conducted at the end of fourth year following fulfilment of attendance, tutorial, clinical assignment and community based activities like survey and health talks.
  7. Periodic discussions through power point presentations, seminars and problem based learning.
  8. Students are encouraged to do various short research projects funded by ICMR and RGUHS, participate in Under graduate conferences, various academic and cultural activities.


  • PowerPoint Presentation for UG lectures.
  • Maintenance of Patient’s records, photographs and seminars and Journal Club Presented.
  • Internet Access.
  • WHO Performa to collect data at community level.
  • Health talk for conducting health awareness programs at camp site.
  • Field visits for better understanding of the public health concepts like water purification plant.
  • Incremental and comprehensive dental care delivery at adopted schools.