Under Graduate Section

Admissions per year -100 students

The undergraduate clinic has 12 fully functional dental chairs with the ground area of 1856 sq ft to handle the daily patient inflow. This gives each student an opportunity to handle the patients individually. The students at the beginning of their postings participate in discussions on previously decided topics, after their satisfactory performance, the students are required to diagnose the patient’s condition and decide on a treatment plan for the patient which is appropriate for them. And take radiographs under the supervision of the staff. They are also trained in taking and interpreting necessary radiographs for diagnosis of various intra oral diseases.

Under Graduate Teachning Progamme

The undergraduates are exposed to an environment where they obtain both theoretical and practical knowledge under the supervision of well-qualified and efficient teaching staff.

IIIrd year BDS: 
No. of lecture hours: 40
No. of clinical hours: 50
a. Chair, patient & operator position.
b. Topography of oral mucosa.
c. Chair side examination techniques.
d. Intraoral radiographs.
   » Periapical radiographs.
» Bitewing radiographs.
» Occlusal radiographs. 
e. Manual processing (visual method)
f. Interpretation of oral radiographs.
Discussion of seminars.
a. Case history.
b. Dental caries:
  » Definition and types
» Diagnosis and treatment
c. Pulpitis:
  » Definition
» Types
» Diagnosis
» Treatment
d. Periapical diseases, periodontal abscess, phoenix abscess and osteomyelitis.
e. Gingivitis and periodontitis.
f. Antibiotics and analgesics.
g. Interpretation of radiological appearance of periapical lesions.
Case histories to be reduced and discusses - 10(minimum)
Intraoral periapical radiographs inclouding normal anatomical landmarks - 10(minimum).
IV year BDS:
Number of lecture hours: 30
Number of clinical hours: 70
a. Shift cone technique.
b. Panoramic radiographs.
c. Lateral cephalograph.
d. Lateral oblique views.
  » Ramus
» Body
e. Skull radiographs.
f. Automatic processing.