• Single window delivery of total pharmacy healthcare needs
  • Total quality management in  service & education
  • To train general, specialized, & allied pharmacy professional   to meet regional & national pharmacy healthcare service
  • Work to contribute to goal pharmacy healthcare knowledge & skills
  • To impart knowledge & interact with organisations of similar interest
  • Be efficient, effective, community acceptable in education, service and research
  • Fostering global competencies, inculcating value system among learners
  • Promote use of technology of relevance
  • Reach the unreachable with  awareness, education & service
  • Serve the under served
  • Excellent pharmacy health education & service systems for community development
  • Learner centered Pharmacy health care education
  • Patient centered service
  • Community oriented research
  • Strong community relationship
  • Serve the under served
  • Meet the regional, national and global Pharmacy health care educational needs
  • Inter organizational linkage
  • Strategic future oriented planning


Commitment- The Oxford College of Pharmacy is committed to backing the mission and vision of the institution

  • meet the needs of students and parents.
  • continuously update to the professional changes.
  • free health care services for the benefit of the mankind.

Respect- The Oxford College of Pharmacy strives to recognize and support the student achievements and their contributions

Excellence- To achieve high standards in education and student’s performance, The Oxford College of Pharmacy appoints quality staff, promotes continuous improvement in infrastructure, teaching, collaborations, and research.

Accountability- At The Oxford College of Pharmacy, teaching and learning process is clearly communicated and continuously evaluated. Students showing best performances are rewarded from management.

Diversity- For achieving the goals of the institution and strengthening overall growth, institution accepts diversity in staff, open to educate students all across the world, recognizes the contributions of all, and embraces the changing needs of profession.