Department of Pharmacology

Our mission is to offer high quality education dedicated to edifice minds with confidence, honesty, social and moral responsibility.

Our vision is to establish a leadership role in the pursuit and development of knowledge through training and research in pharmacology.

Pharmacology is the science concerned with history, sources, physical & chemical properties of drugs & the way in which drug affects living system it includes pharmocokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacotherapeutics, and toxicology

Study of the biochemical & physiological effects of drugs & mechanisms of action
“What the drug does to the body

Deals with the absorption, distribution, biotransformation &excretion of drugs
“What the body does to the drug”

Study of drugs used in the diagnosis, prevention, suppression & treatment of diseases
“Deals with beneficial effects of the drugs (medicines)”

Study of biologic toxins, study of poison & its effects deals with deleterious effects of physical & chemical agents (including drugs) in human