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Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee is one of the most dedicated platforms whose main motive is to find our inner talent and abilities. The Committee functions with the core objective of upholding and uplifting the mission of the institute and in doing so enhances the quality of life at the campus.  India is a country with profound cultural values etched into every citizen's ways and walks of everyday life. Being a part of this great heritage, the students of the institute have the obligation to uphold and uplift the cultural advancement as well as enhance the country's cultural credibility throughout the world.

The Vision of the Cultural Committee is to encourage and enhance the students' talents and providing them with a stage for exposure.


  • To arrange various cultural programmes (Fresher's day, cultural programme etc)
  • To plan and co-ordinate all the cultural activities on time.
  • Student will be able to build up their talent and creativity.
  • Student will be able to participate in cultural activities.
  • To provide platform to students to exhibit their talents.
  • To provide entertainment to students.
  • To showcase their talents to outside world to get recognition.
  • To promote a dynamic cultural heritage that is preserved, used and developed.
  • To inculcate leadership qualities among students.

1. Assistant Professor Miss Nikita  Karmakar
2. Assistant Professor Miss Parvathy  Chandran

Freshers Day 2023

Orientation Day (First Year)

Pongal Sankranti Celebration 2023