Statutory Committee

Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee of The Oxford College of Law is intended to maintain high standards of discipline among the students. The committee is responsible to ensure orderly and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus. The committee will take cognizance of indiscipline and unruly behaviour of the students by inflicting penalties commensurate with the acts of misdemeanor by the students.     


  • To scrutinize and prevent any indisciplinary activities and to maintain decorum.
  • To avoid violence and physical confrontation among the students.
  • To develop norms to regulate the behavior of students.
  • To deal with cases of discrimination in a time bound manner.
  • To create a safe environment which is free of sexual harassment.
  • To bring professionalism among the students by inculcating best practices.
  • To encourage safe and healthy practices.
  • To ensure smooth functioning of the institution.


  • Framing rules and regulations of the committee from time to time as per the requirement.
  • Enforcing strict discipline in the college campus.
  • Ensuring that all the students attend the classes without fail.
  • Maintaining proper discipline in the college canteen.
  • Preventing loitering around the corridors during working hours.
  • Taking disciplinary action against any misconduct.
  • Assisting the college anti-ragging committee and spreading anti-ragging campaign among the student community.