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Sahayadri - Committee for Environmental Awareness and Protection

Environmental protection is a practice to protect environment on individual, organizational and governmental level for the benefit of natural environment and humans. It is also gains importance because of the various human activities which have led to the degradation of environment.

Vision of the Sahyadri Committee
We aim for a clean ,safe and a sustainable environment .

Objectives of the Sahyadri Committee
To educate students through information and knowledge about environmental protection.
To develop the skills sets necessary to identify environmental issues and resolve them.
To promote awareness and as sense of respect for nature.
To sensitize students on various environmental issues.
To Promoting environmentally sustainable practices.
To encourage young minds to take responsibility for protecting the natural environment  andto develop environmental awareness
To Inculcate of proper attitudes towards the environment and its conservation through community interactions.

Faculty in charge
Assistant professor Divya Tomar
Total number of students member :30

Inaugural of the Committee

Special lecture by Sri. D. V. Girish and team


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