Departments - Mechatronics Engineering

The word   mechatronics   appeared for the first time in Japan in 1969.It is a multidisciplinary field that lies at the interface of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering ,telecommunication engineering ,control engineering and computer engineering. It is one of the dynamically developing fields of technology and science. It includes programmable electronic devices and electromechanical systems for embedded distributed structure of sensors, processing signals, actuators and communications.

Almost every mechanical device is now electronically controlled. The field focuses on the design and production of automated equipment .This industry employs both engineers to design and develop the equipment and technicians to maintain it. The engineering process typically involves designing and assembling components, testing products in development, making improvements and evaluating finished products. As a mechatronics engineer , the person gets;

  • an opportunity to work in an emerging field,
  • blend of engineering disciplines allows for flexible choice of undergraduate majors ( mechanical, electrical, industrial engineering),
  • work available in a variety of industries such as entertainment, manufacturing, R &D etc.
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